About Us

Just off of Government Street in Brandon, MS, Burgers Blues Barbecue is THE spot for great food, service and atmosphere. Owner Steven Sahler set out to create a place that combines a family restaurant with a lively nightspot.


We wanted a place where everyone felt comfortable bringing their children.


A lot of restaurants either have one thing or another, Steven Sahler, the owner says, Either they have great food or a great bar. The thing about a great restaurant is that you should be family friendly, but the thing about a great bar is that you’re not family friendly. My vision is to have a kid-friendly place where I could hit everyone from infants to 90-year-olds.

Appetite is a necessity
at Burgers Blues Barbecue.

In addition to signature creations like The BNB, Sonic Boom, and Smokehouse, our burgers are prepared with everything from pimento cheese to pineapple. THE WHAMMY, three one-pound patties with all the trimmings, is the restaurants ultimate eating challenge. Winners who finish in 30 minutes or less, win the free meal, a B3 T-shirt and a right to post their photo on the wall of fame next to a personally signed photo from Adam Richman and the Man v. Food Nation crew who filmed at B3 in November 2011! What a great experience, to have Adam and his crew here at B3, it will always be remembered as an awesome time with a nice group of guys!

Kitchen preparation is labor intensive.

Every morning the produce truck leaves the crew with hundreds of pounds of potatoes and beef. Everything is prepared fresh daily. Customers not only rave about the deliciously hot hamburgers and mouth-watering appetizers, but also about the restaurants nightly live music and inviting atmosphere.

Meet Our Owner

Steven Sahler

Steven opened Burgers Blues Barbecue with an idea to have a place where anyone of any background and age could come and have a good time while enjoying great food, drinks, and music.

He is an active church and community member, always willing to offer a helping hand. His primary goal is to serve others, and you’ll often find him doing just that at Burgers Blues Barbecue.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to him to share a great experience or let us know when we have an opportunity to make things great!


168 West Government St.
Brandon, MS 39042
PH: 601-706-2060

Food Truck: 601-706-2060



2077 Main Street
Madison, MS 39110
PH: 601-706-2060

Food Truck: 601-706-2060



108 Market St, Ste B
Flowood MS 39232
Ph: 601-706-2060

Food Truck: 601-706-2060


Hours Brandon

11am – 9pm Mon-Thurs
11am – 9pm Fri & Sat
Sunday - Closed

Hours Madison & Flowood

6:30am – 9pm Mon-Thurs
6:30am – 9pm Fri & Sat
Breakfast is served Mon-Sat 6:30am – 10:30am
Sunday - Closed