Official Contest Rules:

  1. 1 winner per B3 location (Brandon MS and Madison MS).
  2. 1 FREE burger (up to $15 value) per day for the designated calendar month, plus a regular side item from the location indicated only. Sorry, the Brandon will cannot get a free burger at the Brandon location, then go to the Madison location for another free burger (nor vice-versa).
  3. Winner may not be transferred to another party. The winner cannot eat a free burger one day, then “give” their prize to someone else to use the following day.
  4. Entries are made exclusively via the official QR Codes and Review Form available via our locations. Quality or “star-value” of your review has no effect on your entry.
  5. One entry per day, per person, per meal/experience at one of our locations.
  6. 1 winner will be drawn for our Brandon MS location monthly (valid only at that location), and 1 winner will be drawn for our Madison MS location monthly (valid only at that location).
  7. Contest ends monthly (calendar month). Calendar monthly winners will be announced on social media, along with attempts to contact them via email and/or phone on the 1st or 2nd day of each calendar month.
  8. Free Burger per Day means a free burger for each day that the respective B3 location is open for business (not valid on closed days and such).